anthology publication

‘The dipping pool’ weekly writing group, with Claire Syder, are in the process of publishing their first anthology. There are nine authors in total, and I am very pleased to say my collection of nine poems and one prose piece has been chosen to appear first in the book. First run off the press July 2018, ready for the book launch August 2018.

a handful of anthologies!

Delighted to finally hold The Dipping Pool collection of poetry and prose. Nine authors contributed a section each, with mine being the first which comprised of a prose piece and ten poems including: Reunited, Gone, Great Granny, The salt breeze.

Animal Heart Press, International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry

The cover has been released for the ‘International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry’ titled ‘From the Ashes’ and it is gorgeous. I am so pleased to have two poems included: one within the Chapter ‘On knowing’, and one within ‘On how we love’.  ‘Editors Amanda McLeod and Mela Blust have curated a collection of poems that tell the stories of the journey, trials, and triumphs of womxn. In this book, womxn share their most authentic, inner selves; their challenges and their victories; the words they wish they could say; the legacy they dream of for the womxn of the future.

Dylan Thomas Anthology, Indigo Dreams acceptance

Absolutely delighted that my poem ‘Weeping Willow’ has been accepted to appear in Indigo Dreams, ‘Dear Dylan, an anthology after Dylan’, due for publication in May 2020. It is going to be a very interesting format as a letter to Dylan Thomas and a poem was required from each submittee.

The weather was absolutely glorious on my inspirational visit to Laugharne in September, and the views – Wales at its best.

Anti-Heroin Chic magazine

Anti-Heroin Chic magazine

The lovely James Diaz has included two of my poems ‘Hot Chocolate’ and ‘The Day After’ in his very emotional ‘Grief & Loss’ issue of Anti-Heroin Chic magazine, which can be read here. It has been a brave endeavour on his part and the contributors. It is comforting to think that so many loved ones, now gone, are united here. Very proud to be a part of it.