Marcelle's writing has been included in the following publications:

see ‘news‘ page for more details, poem title in brackets, list - most recent first



Black Bough Poetry, ‘In flight' edition (Attracted to light)

Folk Heart Press, Ekphrastic Folk Art 3 (Small requests)

Cambrian Mountains Society, poetry competition anthology (Day trip to the Mountains)



Black Bough Poetry, ‘Christmas & Winter edition, Volume IV’ (After dinner)

Propel, Issue 7 (Radiator bleed key)



Black Bough Poetry, ‘Christmas & Winter edition, Volume III’ (Deep Breath)

lcefloe Press,  Pandemic Love & Other Affinities : an icefloe press anthology (Transient comfort, Dwelling)

Fly on the Wall Press,  Issue 10: Under the Sea (When the sea swelled up to my door)

Black Bough Poetry, Silver Branch series, writer of the month feature with 4 exclusive poems, 4 poems published by Black Bough, and new CNF. 

Walk.Listen.Create, writing competition, 2nd place poem published in ‘Walking’ anthology (Returning) 



Ink, Sweat & Tears, Twelve Days of Christmas feature (Robin)

Iambpoet, Wave 8, audio and page poems (Weeping Willow, Wassailing Spirits, Moving On) 

MumWrite Anthology 2021 (Mother Star & Daughter) a collaboration with Emma Jones, (And I touch my body)

Black Bough Poetry, ‘Christmas & Winter edition. Volume II’ (Wassailing Spirits)

Indigo Dreams ‘Dear Dylan: an anthology after Dylan Thomas’ (‘Weeping Willow’ poem and letter to Dylan)

IceFloe Press, Pandemic Dispatches series (Dwelling)

The Broken Spine Artist Collective, TNSC3 (Thanking Nan…)

Words for the Wild, Gilbert White Poems (We understand Gilbert White and I…)



The Ekphrastic Review, 5 year anthology (Walking home)

Failure Baler, issue 5 ‘Joy’ (Mid-engined 1990 Mazda Bongo)

Maytree poets, virtual poetry night reading, for Sarah Barr’s collection launch (A reflection on the dreaming collective)

Arcade Poets competition, winning entry displayed in Cardiff’s City Centre Morgan Arcade (Arcade Hopping)

Black Bough Poetry, ‘Christmas & Winter edition. Volume 1’ (Field Margins)

Gloucester Poetry Festival, ‘Pandemic Poetry Anthology’ (Looking for Dad)

Black Bough Poetry, ‘Deep Time, Volume 2’ anthology (Precious)

Wild Pressed Books, ‘New Towns An Anthology’ (Map of Llandarcy / Coed Darcy 2008)

perhappened zine, Heatwave issue, (Shopping list)

Penned on the Bont, virtual poetry night reading, streamed on Facebook (Fisherfolk)

Wales Arts Review, online Digithon reading, Cardiff City of Arcade Poets (Arcade Hopping)

Failure Baler zine, issue 2 (Life is a mantelpiece)

Nightingale & Sparrow magazine, issue V, ‘Love’ issue (‘I love…’)

Maytree Press / The Poetry Village ‘Green Fields: sorted for poems’ anthology (‘A reflection on the dreaming collective’)



Re-side zine Winter issue (‘Stepping out’)

Anti-Heroin Chic magazine, Grief & Loss issue (‘Hot chocolate’ and ‘The Day After’ two poems)

Animal Heart Press ‘From the Ashes ‘ An International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry(‘This girl is on fire’ and ‘Breathe’ two poems)

Black Bough Poetry magazine, issue 2.5 – Magnificent Desolation (two haikus)

The Dipping Pool  a collection of poetry and prose (ten poems, one prose)