Marcelle provides writing and editorial consultancy, including:

- Copy editing & proofing
- Guest editor services
- Blog posts & synopsises
- Writing & book editing
- Book reviews, blurbs, and forewords
- Publishing assistance services, from first draft to print & online
- Production

- Lecturing / academic marking

- Poetry (see poetry page)



Talking Place: a symposium (paper), Design Commission for Wales: landmarks (essay), New Towns: an anthology (poem), Design Circle RSAW south (blog), Women In Property (blog).

Lecturing / academic marking: Welsh School of Architecture -  MArch dissertation grading, BSc Architectural Studies - essay & writing craft, lecturing analysing architecture and the critics' approach

Content management: Grasshopper PR 

Gloucester Poetry Festival 2021 event coordination: 1 month, 13 events, 80+ readers

Copy & book editing, proofing: Nightingale & Sparrow, Animal Heart Press, Folkheart Press, Infinity Books UK

Editing and production: Rare Swan Press, Yarnwhisphering (Gloucester Poetry Festival)

Book reviews, blurbs, and forewords: The Broken Spine Collective, Folkheart Press, BookHub publishing


Clients include:





'Having Marcelle on my team is absolutely integral to our success. She is consistently taking initiative to take our projects a step further, streamline our processes a little extra, and, at the end of the day, keep our organisation running. She is always the first staff member to step up and take on new challenges, filling in gaps whenever something slips through the cracks. Her writing and editing skills are as superb as her diligence in these other areas. Marcelle is arguably my biggest asset as a business owner!'   Juliette Sebock, Founding Editor, Nightingale & Sparrow


'The challenge for anyone acting as guest editor of a literary journal is to maintain its original vision while breathing new life and perspective into it. Marcelle walked this tightrope with grace and confidence.  I am grateful for her attention to our wild journal and for bringing Issue 13 of Feral: A Journal of Poetry & Art into the world.'  Beth Gordon, Managing Editor, Feral