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Anti-Heroin Chic magazine

Anti-Heroin Chic magazine

The lovely James Diaz has included two of my poems ‘Hot Chocolate’ and ‘The Day After’ in his very emotional ‘Grief & Loss’ issue of Anti-Heroin Chic magazine, which can be read here. It has been a brave endeavour on his part and the contributors. It is comforting to think that so many loved ones, now gone, are united here. Very proud to be a part of it.

poem published Black Bough Poetry, Deep Time: Volume 2

Matthew Smith of Black Bough Poetry has curated 2 volumes of wonderful poems inspired by Robert Macfarlanes’s ‘Underland: A Deep Time Journey’. 

Delighted to see my deep time poem ‘Precious’ in volume 2, under the section ‘Liquid walls’. Both volumes, which include fabulous artwork by Rebecca Wainwright, are available from Amazon, details can be found here.