Animal Heart Press, International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry

The cover has been released for the ‘International Anthology of Womxn’s Poetry’ titled ‘From the Ashes’ and it is gorgeous. I am so pleased to have two poems included: one within the Chapter ‘On knowing’, and one within ‘On how we love’.  ‘Editors Amanda McLeod and Mela Blust have curated a collection of poems that tell the stories of the journey, trials, and triumphs of womxn. In this book, womxn share their most authentic, inner selves; their challenges and their victories; the words they wish they could say; the legacy they dream of for the womxn of the future. With over 50 poets, some internationally acclaimed and others making their publication debut, this stunning anthology captures the voices of womxn around the world.’

All proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to international womxn’s charities. Available for order from Animal Heart Press.