Nightingale & Sparrow

Nightingale & Sparrow, Starlight Issue

Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue XVI – starlight is now available on line, and in print via Amazon. Cover by Rachel Coyne. A note from EIC Juliette Sebock:

‘In our call for submissions, we prompted submitters with the following: “What do you see when you look up at the night sky? From astrology and lullabies to planetariums and Taylor Swift lyrics, we want to see your poems, stories, essays, and art that come face-to-face with the cosmos. Give us space; give us skies; give us starlight.’

Nightingale & Sparrow, Poetry Issue

Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue XIV – poetry is now available on line, and in print via Amazon. Cover by Karen Pierce Gonzalez. A note from EIC Juliette Sebock:

‘This quarterly theme is one that holds a special place in my heart. Poetry is where I got my own start in the literary world (feel free to check out Mistakes Were Made at your favourite bookseller for a trip in that Delorean). Poetry is the form I turn to when life is at its darkest and at its brightest.’

Poetry Editor, Nightingale & Sparrow

I’m delighted that I have recently started working with Nightingale & Sparrow, an online magazine and print publisher, as a Poetry Editor and now appear on their masthead. The multi-talented Juliette Sebock has been incredibly welcoming, and I have already had the opportunity to review some very fine pieces with the global team.   

I have also managed to significantly upgrade my remote working skills, due to this new position, including Airtable, Slack and Trello!

Nightingale & Sparrow – Woodland Issue

Nightingale and Sparrow’s Issue VIII – Woodland is now ready to order for doorstep delivery or to read online. Extract from Juliette’s introduction: 

‘You’ll travel through the woods of the world with each page, and even enter other literary worlds – beyond a certain wardrobe door – through the pieces included in our eighth issue.’

Nightingale & Sparrow – Harmony issue

Issue X ‘Harmony’ from Nightingale & Sparrow is now available online from the website, or in print from Amazon. EIC issue note:


‘For this submissions period, we asked writers and photographers to “surprise us with your own unique harmonies. Share the songs that intersperse your life. Show us the places where discord unites. Let us hear the chords in each image and every line.” As always, our wonderful contributors have brought that vision to life.’