Wedding poem commission complete

I’ve just completed a commission for a poem for a wedding. A gift from the sister of the groom. What a joyous time I’ve had researching pottery and floristry (their passions) and their personalities & bond. A privilege, wonderful !

blurb for Eli Horan’s ‘The Mask’

Honoured to have the chance to read an advanced copy of Elisabeth Horan‘s  ‘The Mask’. It is a beautiful, immersive experience, available from 1 November, from Broken Spine Arts. 

Excerpt: ‘The rhythmical sense of abandon achieved within these ekphrastic responses, entwined with Frida’s native Spanish, feed a lingering connection between the artist’s and poet’s tenacious spirits.’ – Marcelle Newbold, Managing Editor Rare Swan Press, Editor Nightingale & Sparrow

blurb for Karen Pierce Gonzalez’s ‘Coyote in the basket of my ribs’

I was delighted get a preview of Karen’s glorious upcoming collection, in order to write a blurb, publication date confirmation coming soon.

‘Pierce Gonzalez’s ‘Coyote in the basket of my ribs’ is an exquisite exploration of restlessness. She expertly transcribes the sadness of the untameable, displaying a deep connection with wildness. Her coyote dream poems are intertwined with a delicate, involving understanding of loss, of dependency on the just out of reach, and the melding of domesticity and other.’